GIN story has been created non-accidentally. It’s been mixed by sea waves, scorching sun, heavy wind, sharp reefs and real adventures. And what is the foremost, our team committed to be ourselves no matter how hard is the storm overboard.

  • They say that there are almost no undiscovered places and untrodden paths left on the planet. But when you take the first step out the door, you start drawing your own map.

    All your adventures - whether traveling or daily urban rhythm - are ready to share with you backpacks and bags from the Trip collection.

  • The options for using GIN modules are limited only by your imagination.

  • If you are one of those hto, looking for an air ticket, you can choose a date and "any direction". If you are from that breed of people who not only carries home a magnet, but remembers the smell, sound and taste of a new city forever. Then you and I are on our way.

  • Stop looking at the world through someone else's Instagram filters. He wants you to see him with your own eyes.

  • The city is the element of Snap, backpacks with style and character, with an organizer, a secure compartment for a laptop and other everyday things. 

  • Accessories that come in handy on any journey and expand the capabilities of your favorite backpack.