GIN story has been created non-accidentally. It’s been mixed by sea waves, scorching sun, heavy wind, sharp reefs and real adventures. And what is the foremost, our team committed to be ourselves no matter how hard is the storm overboard.

Freedom-loving GIN team has a friend who has been sailing for many years. And one day he came to visit us with a bottle of gin, his favorite hard drink. To our surprise, this Marine and Sea Dog told us that he was going to change his life drastically and drop an anchor to the land.

‘The last cruise is in a month’, he told us. - ‘I want to live calm and domestic life. I will open a restaurant and entertain visitors with trading stories about my travel’

First branded backpack GIN was presented at a party dedicated to the last cruise of our friend. We called backpack after a favorite drink of the brave sailor, and scored it to the brim with gin bottles. With our backpack he set off his successful voyage.

‘And where his restaurant could be found?’, you may ask.

Returning from the cruise, our friend came back sailing again. And again and again. He finally realized what makes him really happy and free. And what about you?